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Reeves Acrylic Effects Mediums

Add another dimension to your artwork with Reeves Acrylic Effects Mediums. They can be mixed with acrylic colour before application or be applied on top of dry painting.

Reeves Iridescent Medium provides pearlescent effects when added to acrylic paint.

Reeves Coarse Texture Gel dries to a coarse ‘sand’ like finish.

Reeves Pouring Medium can be mixed with acrylic paints and inks to create fluid painting marble effects. The pouring medium will extend your colour further without affecting acrylic stability. Can be used on any acrylic-friednly surfaces.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0002060 Iridescent Medium 200ml
0780804861006 180 60 40 235
EDP: 0006890 Coarse Texture Gel 200ml
0780804860993 180 60 40 235
EDP: 0053340 Pouring Medium 500ml
9311960053342 190 51 140 510

Reeves Acrylic Iridescent Medium


Reeves Pouring Medium

Product UOM
Iridescent Medium 200ml
EDP: 0002060
Coarse Texture Gel 200ml
EDP: 0006890
Pouring Medium 500ml
EDP: 0053340