Mod Podge Glow Formula

Mod Podge Glow Formula

Add a glowing touch to your creations with Mod Podge!  Perfect for kid's crafts, glow parties, and so much more!

BLACK LIGHT: This unique decoupage glue dries clear and glows blue when exposed to a black light.

GLOW IN THE DARK: To make your projects glow, simply place your creation in sunlight or indoor light to charge.

If you want a more vibrant glow, make sure to add additional layers of this unique decoupage glue

  • Glow in the Dark 4oz CS44786
    EDP: 0102080
  • Glow in the Dark 4oz CS44786
    0102080 - #028995447860
    Length: 99 mm
    Width: 36 mm
    Height: 221 mm
    Weight: 0 g