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Pebeo Gedeo Modelling Paste

Pebeo Gedeo Modelling Paste is a wax-based paste. It can be used again and again to model objects or figurines for moulding. Can also be used to create a plaster mould based on an imprint. For experienced and amateur adult users.

Professional tips:
For a smooth finish, use a brush or finger to apply turpentine to the model to be moulded. Put the modelling paste near a heat source to soften it and work with it more easily.

  • Natural modelling clay - Non-firing clay that self-hardens in the air without firing, giving strong, durable and solid results.
  • Being clay, it has very good plasticity for modelling and its natural cellulose fibres allow it to dry without cracks, even in large pieces.
  • Allows creation of very fine details when modelling.
  • Can be modelled and shaped on a potter's wheel.
  • Easy to clean from hands and clothes using water. Residue can be removed from surfaces and furniture using a damp cloth.
  • Once dry, it can be painted or varnished. It can also be polished, tiled or perforated.
  • Complete drying after 4-5 days at room temperature.
  • Storage - Can be reused and stored indefinitely in a wet towel inside a tightly cloased plastic bag.
  • Do not store below 0°C. If the product freezes, it will lose its properties.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 1008840 500g
3597587663041 230 150 520 520
Product UOM
EDP: 1008840

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