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Pebeo Gedeo Plaster

Pebeo Gedeo Light and resin plasters for precision or for restoration. Pébéo plasters are designed to suit all types of artists.

Pebeo Gedeo Light Plaster

  • Format: 1kg bag
  • Light, low-density plaster
  • Recommended for casting hanging decorations
  • Highly economical
  • Easy to paint
  • For experienced and amateur adult users

Pebeo Gedeo Resin Plaster

  • Format: 1kg
  • Superior quality plaster. Its exceptional hardness after drying draws comparisons with polyester resins.
  • Recommended for casting highly-delicate, strong, white objects.
  • No lumps, limited appearance of bubbles.
  • Extra hard
  • Very white and fine
  • For experienced adult users

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 1009210 Resin 1kg
3597587663133 190 110 50 1083
EDP: 1009240 Light 1kg
3597587663300 1250 180 180 180
Product UOM
Resin 1kg
EDP: 1009210
Light 1kg
EDP: 1009240

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