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High Capacity & Heavy Duty

High capacity guillotines ables to cut a maximum 60 sheets and heavy duty guillotines able to cut up to 470mm paper stacks.

Ideal 4300 Manual Guillotine

Attractively priced heavy duty guillotine with numerous safety features for cutting up to 20mm paper stacks.


Ideal 1038 / 1058 / 1071 Guillotines

Precision guillotines with all metal construction. Available in 3 different sizes.


Ideal 4305 Heavy Duty Guillotine

Powerful guillotine perfect for effortless cutting and trimming of paper stacks or bound brochures.


Ideal 4705 Heavy Duty Guillotine

Heavy duty guillotine perfect for effortless cutting and trimming.


Jastek 40460 A3 High Capacity Guillotine

Designed for high volume situations. Innovative cutting action allows for 40 sheets to be effortless cut.