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Snazaroo Kits

Snazaroo face paints not only allow you to look great, but are safe and easy to use. Whether you want to be a beautiful princess, a ghastly ghost or a cute clown, our themed painting kits will capture your imagination. If you're more experienced, you may be interested in our range of professional face painting kits.

With Snazaroo you can have fun at any occasion!

  • Contains 8 x 2ml colours, brush, sponge and how-to guide. 
  • Paints up to 50 faces 
  • Ultimate Party Pack - Contains 2ml White and Black, 8 x 1ml colours, 2 x 1ml sparkle colours, 8ml Glitter Gels in Silver and Stardust together with 3 brushes, 4 sponges and a full colour step-by-step face painting guide.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0365890 Scary Faces
766416101181 152 244 34 212
EDP: 0366040 Unisex
766416101020 152 244 34 152
EDP: 0366050 Boy
766416101037 152 244 34 148
EDP: 0366060 Girl
766416101044 152 244 34 150
EDP: 0363490 Wild Faces Book
0766416101440 150 215 35 170
EDP: 0385880 Ultimate Party Pack
0766416129451 33 200 270 227

Snazaroo Solid Face Paint

Halloween Vampire Dracula Face Paint Tutorial
Beginners Butterfly Face Paint Tutorial
Beginners Clown Face Paint Tutorial
Beginners Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorial
Beginners Pirate Face Paint Tutorial
Easy Fairy Face Paint Tutorial
Halloween Advanced Skull Face Paint Tutorial
Cute Cat Face Painting Tutorial
Halloween Basic Witch Face Painting Tutorial
Halloween Monster Party
Halloween Pumpkin Face Paint Tutorial
Halloween Vampire Face Paint Tutorial
Halloween Advanced Zombie Face Paint Tutorial
Product UOM
Scary Faces
EDP: 0365890
EDP: 0366040
EDP: 0366050
EDP: 0366060
Wild Faces Book
EDP: 0363490
Ultimate Party Pack
EDP: 0385880