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Pebeo Pouring Acrylic

Pebeo starter set to include all the necessary materials to discover the pouring technique in an accessible way.


  • Set includes all the necessary materials to discover the pouring technique in an accessible way.
  • Selection of the best seller ready to use acrylic colours, silicone oil and support included.
  • Pre-mixed acrylic paint with medium.
  • Low viscosity and easy flowing. Dries within 24 hours.
  • Target users: First-time buyers, adults
  • Content: 
    • 4 x 59ml (white, blue, turquoise and gold)
    • 1 x 50ml silicone oil
    • 1 x canvas 20 x 20cm


  • Complete kit of 47 pieces, a must have to experiment the pouring technique.
  • All included kit with 8 x 118m ready to use acrylic pouring, silicone oil, accessories, supports and booklet with step by step projects.
  • Target users: Hobbyist, adult - Gift
  • Content:
    • 8 x 118ml ready-to-use fluid acrylic
    • 1 x 50ml silicone oil
    • 4 x canvas boards 20 x 25cm
    • 3 x glitter sachets
    • 5 x droppers
    • 8 x wooden sticks for mixing
    • 8 plastic graduated glasses
    • 2 x painting knives
    • 1 x spatula
    • 1 x tarpaulin
    • 4 x gloves
    • 1 x canvas raiser
    • 1 x directional booklet

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0063470 Pouring Experiences Discovery Kit
3167865246022 42 205 540 540
EDP: 0063490 Complete Pouring 47pc Kit
3167865246008 70 443 2470 2470
Product UOM
Pouring Experiences Discovery Kit
EDP: 0063470
Complete Pouring 47pc Kit
EDP: 0063490

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