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Winsor & Newton Liquin Light Gel

Winsor & Newton Liquin Light Gel is a quick drying gloss medium offering a slight gel that brushes out smoothly and is ideal for artists looking for a non-drip effect when mixed with colour.

  • Speeds drying with touch dry in 1-6 days, depending on colour and film thickness.
  • Ideal for glazing and resists yellowing.
  • Not suitable as a varnish or final coat.


Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0293791 75ml
0884955016879 36 58 99 101
EDP: 0317400 250ml
884955016855 152 60 60
EDP: 0317410 500ml
0884955016862 65 94 181 510

Liquin Light Gel

Exploring Liquin Mediums | Winsor & Newton Masterclass

Understand the different drying times when working with Liquin Mediums.

Product UOM
EDP: 0293791
EDP: 0317400
EDP: 0317410

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