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Artline 990 Metallic Marker 1.2mm

990XF - fast drying, opaque, fade proof permanent markers with fast drying pigment ink that won't fade. These markers are ideal for all types of permanent marking where indelible marking is required. Suitable for any surface indoors or out, including black material. The metallic ink markers have pigments in the ink that are reflective and give a slightly embossed finish when dry.

  • Fade proof metallic ink
  • Ink is heavily pigmented so it can be seen on dark surfaces
  • Permanent on most surfaces
  • Can withstand up to 100ºc
  • Bullet nib with a 1.2mm line width
  • Valve action for controlled ink flow
  • Fast drying
Assorted Gold/Silver Set contains 8 x Gold and 4 x Silver

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 199031 Bullet Nib Gold
140 20 20 14
EDP: 199032 Bullet Nib Silver
4974052823015 140 20 20 14
EDP: 199050 Bullet Nib Gold/Silver Assorted
Product UOM
Bullet Nib Gold
EDP: 199031
Bullet Nib Silver
EDP: 199032
Bullet Nib Gold/Silver Assorted
EDP: 199050