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Winsor & Newton ProMarkers Sets

Winsor & Newton ProMarker is a high quality, twin tipped marker, offering a perfect introduction to colouring with an alcohol based marker. ProMarker colours have a translucent quality and can be layered to achieve varying depth and opacity. Ideal for design, illustration, comic art and a range of creative applications.
Promarkers feature two inbuilt nibs

  • Fine Bullet Nib ideal for precise detailing and line work
  • Broad Nib great for quick visuals and filling in larger areas

Each Winsor & Newton ProMarker Set contains a specially selected range of colours

6 Neutral Tones Set Contains:

Cool Grey 1, Cool Grey 2, Cool Grey 3, Cool Grey 4, Cool Grey 5 and Black

6 Vibrant Tones Set Contains:

Yellow, Mandarin, Poppy, Cerise, Cyan and Bright Green

6 Skin Tones Set Contains:

Ivory, Almond, Satin, Putty, Soft Peach and Coral.

6 Rich Tones Set Contains

Cardinal Red, Maroon, Plum, Prussian, Marine and Moss

12 Set 1 Contains:

Canary, Bright Orange, Ruby, Rose Pink, Amethyst, Sky Blue, Indigo Blue, Lime Green, Forest Green, Henna, Cool Grey 4, Black and Blender

12 Set 2 Contains:

Buttercup, Lemon, Gold, Lipstick Red, Cerise, Fuchsia Pink, Arctic Blue, Cobalt Blue, Meadow Green, Apple, Turquoise, Cocoa and Blender

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0416350 12+1 Set One
884955043219 180 250 30 274
EDP: 0416360 12+1 Set Two
884955043226 180 250 30 274
EDP: 0416370 Set 6 Neutral Tones
884955043233 18 185 213 159
EDP: 0416380 Set 6 Vibrant Tones
884955043240 18 185 213 130
EDP: 0416390 Set 6 Rich Tone
884955043257 180 160 25 80
EDP: 0416420 Set 6 Skin Tones Set 1
884955043288 180 160 30 133
EDP: 0431650 12+1 Manga Expansion Pack 1
EDP: 0431660 12+1 Manga Chibi
EDP: 0431670 12+1 Manga Fantasy
EDP: 0431680 12+1 Manga Steampunk


How to apply colour with Winsor & Newton ProMarkers & BrushMarkers
How to create tints and tones with ProMarker & BrushMarkers
How to create perfect marker highlights on a classic cherry with Promarkers & BrushMarkers
How to render a jewellery ring with Promarkers & BrushMarkers
How to create a fashion dress with Promarkers & BrushMarkers
How to blend Promarkers & BrushMarkers from light to dark
How to create lighter colour tones with Promarkers & BrushMarkers
How to clean your colourless blender with Promarkers & BrushMarkers
How to create line effects with Promarkers & BrushMarkers
How to build shape and shade with Promarkers & BrushMarkers
How to colour a dark skin tone with ProMarkers & BrushMarkers
How to colour an anime face with Promarkers & BrushMarkers
How to create a fashion eye with ProMarkers & BrushMarkers
Product UOM
12+1 Set One
EDP: 0416350
12+1 Set Two
EDP: 0416360
Set 6 Neutral Tones
EDP: 0416370
Set 6 Vibrant Tones
EDP: 0416380
Set 6 Rich Tone
EDP: 0416390
Set 6 Skin Tones Set 1
EDP: 0416420
12+1 Manga Expansion Pack 1
EDP: 0431650
12+1 Manga Chibi
EDP: 0431660
12+1 Manga Fantasy
EDP: 0431670
12+1 Manga Steampunk
EDP: 0431680

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