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Jasart Academy Display Book

Academy Display Books.

  • Covers made from durable, thick polypropylene to prevent damage
  • Acid Free: will not harm your valuable photographs, documents and artworks
  • Ideal for Students, Office, Artist and Home
  • Light Blue Academy Logo for easy recognition in store
Display Books with permanently bound pockets
  • Clear front pocket for customisation
  • Available in A4 40 pockets and in A3 20 pockets
Layflat Display Book
  • The spiral bound will allow you to lay the display book flat
  • 20 pockets

 Check out the Studio & Professional Range.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0038080 A4 40 Pockets
9311960038080 1 333 495 81
EDP: 0025290 A3 20 Pockets
9311960025295 20 463 690 216
EDP: 0041170 Layflat A3 20 Pockets
9311960041172 10 463 690 216
Non Toxic
Product UOM
A4 40 Pockets
EDP: 0038080
A3 20 Pockets
EDP: 0025290
Layflat A3 20 Pockets
EDP: 0041170

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