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Pebeo Gedeo Crystal Resin

The Pebeo Gedeo Crystal Resin has been acclaimed by professional decorators and crafters for over ten years. Its simple two component epoxy system (resin and hardener) produces a surprising glass paste effect, making it transparent, robust and easy to work with.

  • Format: 150ml, 300ml and 750ml
  • Clear and very transparent resin produces glass like effects.
  • Easy to use, low-odour resins for coating, inclusions, casting, laminating or poured as a colourful painting medium
  • Two-component epoxy resin system, resin and hardener
  • Perfectly imitates the look of glass while offering the sturdiness of resin
  • High-gloss finish with no shrinking when dry
  • Surfaces - May be cast in silicone moulds, or be directly poured on most raw or painted surfaces (once completely dry) : Glass, canvas, metal, mirror, Plexiglas, plastic, ceramic, as well as on jewellery bases and decorative objects.
  • Ideal for production of castings, inclusions, bottoms of platters, jewellery creation, coatings, decoratin surfaces, laminates and can also be used as a protective varnish.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 1009280 300ml
3597587663348 160 160 452 452
EDP: 1009290 750ml
3597587663362 200 175 968 968
EDP: 8627350 150ml
3597587661504 150 150 227 227

Pebeo Crystal Resin Part A SDS


Pebeo Crystal Resin Part B SDS

Product UOM
EDP: 1009280
EDP: 1009290
EDP: 8627350

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