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TEXTA Zoom Twist Crayons

The original twist crayon! TEXTA Zoom Twist crayons are the right thickness to colour inside the lines.

  • No need for sharpening, simply twist barrel to propel crayon - no mess.
  • Barrels are break-resistant for safe usage.
  • All crayons are non-toxic.
  • Ideal for colouring activities and all school projects.
  • Available in different pack sizes and crayon styles: Glitter, Frost, Metallic.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0270640 Cup of Assorted Colours (Cup 15)
9311960270640 60 230 40 180
EDP: 0277460 Metallic Assorted Colours (Wallet 10)
9311960277465 100 165 13 160

TEXTA Zoom Twist Crayon MSDS

TEXTA Zoom Twist Crayons TVC
Non Toxic
Product UOM
Cup of Assorted Colours (Cup 15)
EDP: 0270640
Metallic Assorted Colours (Wallet 10)
EDP: 0277460

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