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Conte Pastel Pencils Sets

The Conte Pastel Pencils range is excellent for toning. Rich in pigment, they are available in 49 colours. Larger than most other pastel pencil, they have a very fine, smooth lead. Suitable for all coloured papers, with the intense opaqueness more evident when used on darker coloured paper. Cased in a durable hard wood, the Conte Pastel Pencils are easily sharpened to a point for fine detailed work but can be laid down heavily and create effective blocks of colour.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0384712 Assorted Metal Box of 12
3013645000158 185 125 13 200
EDP: 0384714 Assorted Metal Box of 24
3013645000165 295 185 13 480
EDP: 0384716 Assorted Metal Box of 48
3013645000172 365 275 13 660


Product UOM
Assorted Metal Box of 12
EDP: 0384712
Assorted Metal Box of 24
EDP: 0384714
Assorted Metal Box of 48
EDP: 0384716

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