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Kent Clutch Pencil and Refills

2mm Clutch Pencil for artists and technicians. Equipped with ergonomic finger grooves. Comes with 5x 2mm HB Lead.

  • 2mm Clutch Pencil
  • Black barrel
  • Chrome metal finger grip
  • Pocket clip

An essential tool for graphic designers, architects.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0083180 5 Refill Pack (2mm HB)
9311960083189 8 13 100 12
EDP: 0073310 Clutch Pencil + 5 refills (2mm HB)
9311960073319 10 70 220 3500
Product UOM
5 Refill Pack (2mm HB)
EDP: 0083180
Clutch Pencil + 5 refills (2mm HB)
EDP: 0073310

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