Tombow MONO Sand & Rubber Eraser

Tombow MONO Sand & Rubber Eraser
  • Made from a mixture of sand and rubber.
  • Dual ends, used for erasing pencil as well as ink markings.
  • Individually packed in a hang sell polybag.
  • The sand eraser is made from natural rubber latex and silica grit and removes coloured pencil and ink marks.
  • The rubber eraser end erases graphite marks.
  • This high-quality eraser is non-PVC and phthalate-free.

Note: As the sand eraser removes ink by sanding the top layer of the paper, it is recommended to be used with thicker paper.

  • Sand & Rubber 510A
    EDP: 7613112
  • Sand & Rubber 510A
    7613112 - #4901991055948
    Length: 0 mm
    Width: 0 mm
    Height: 0 mm
    Weight: 0 g