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Art projectors project an image onto a work surface for tracing and visualising. This allows the artist, crafter, or designer to size, view or lay out a particular design with incredible speed and accuracy, while maintaining integrity and control. A range of projectors suitable for modern artists, teachers, muralists, designers, and general everyday crafters.

Artograph Digital Projector Table Stand

Custom designed digital projector table stand by Artograph to pair with the full line of Artograph LED Digital Art Projectors.


Artograph EZ Tracer

The EZ Tracer is an easy to use art projector for the beginner artist or crafter.


Artograph Digital Art Projector LED500

Designed exclusively to meet the needs of anyone wanting to view, design or transfer their digital images


Artograph Digital Projector Tripod Stand

Accurately project your image onto any surface using the Digital Art Projector Tripod.


Artograph Tracer Projector

Perfect art projector for beginner artists and crafters. Copy size 5 x 5”.