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Charbonnel Aquawash Etching Inks 150ml

The Aquawash range of inks with Its high pigmentation concentration meets all the criteria for quality inks. It is identical to that of standard inks and can be used in all intaglio printing techniques such as engraving, dry-point, mezzotint, etching and aquatint, as well as monotype and relief printing techniques such as linocut and wood prints.

The binder is composed of several oil emulsions. Its adhesive quality, its flexibility and its yellowing characteristics are identical to those of traditional oils. The only difference being that you can wash hands, materials and tools with water!

  • Water-washable oil-based emulsion
  • Wash up with soap & water
  • High pigment concentration (comparable with standard inks)
  • Extremely lightfast
  • All the colours can be intermixed
  • Viscous and easy to wipe
  • Same drying times as standard inks
  • Will not soften when dry

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0384850 Black 55981
3013643324157 81 81 59 220
EDP: 0384852 Black 55985
3013643324188 81 81 59 240
EDP: 0384846 Black F66
3013643324164 81 81 59 250
EDP: 0384854 Black Luxe C
3013643324195 81 81 59 230
EDP: 0384848 Black RSR
3013643324140 84 84 59 240
EDP: 0384856 Carbon Black
3013643324171 81 81 59 220


Product UOM
Black 55981
EDP: 0384850
Black 55985
EDP: 0384852
Black F66
EDP: 0384846
Black Luxe C
EDP: 0384854
Black RSR
EDP: 0384848
Carbon Black
EDP: 0384856

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