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Jasart Studio Jumbo Colour Pencil Sets

Studio quality colour pencils designed to perform.

  • Extra thick lead (5.0mm)
  • Brilliant colours offering extra smooth application
  • Excellent colour laydown for 100% coverage
  • Soft break-resistant leads. Non-toxic, Acid-Free
  • High-quality FSC certified wood for smooth sharpening
  • Centred leads fully bonded to the wood to prevent breakage

Also available in 36 individual colours.

Set of 12 includes: Yellow, Orange, Red, Hot Pink, Blush, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow Green, Brown, Black.

Set of 24 includes:White, Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Orange, Vermilion, Red, Carmine, Hot Pink, Blush, Magenta, Violet, Purple, Ultramarine, Blue, Light Blue, Jade, Green, Yellow Green, Burnt Ochre, Brown, Brick Red, Van Dyke Brown, Warm Grey, Black.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0030680 Set 12
9311960030688 175 214 15 250
EDP: 0030690 Set 24
9311960030695 175 214 30 600

Jasart Pencils

Product UOM
Set 12
EDP: 0030680
Set 24
EDP: 0030690

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