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Coloured Pencils

A wide range of coloured pencils available in fun and vibrant colours for all colouring activities.

Raffine Water Colour Pencil Sets

Raffine Fine Art Pencils are a beautifully designed range of the highest quality water colour pencils. The range is suitable for artists, designers and illustrators as well as for hobby purposes.


Jasart Sketch & Write Sets

Assorted sketching sets for Artists and thinkers! Quality product with storage options for safe keeping during use.


Jasart Premium Water Colour Pencils

These artists’ quality watercolour pencils are designed to perform.


Jasart Premium Colour Pencils

These Premium Colour Pencils have extra smooth brilliant colours with soft, break resistant leads.


STABILO Aquacolor Pencil Sets

High-quality aquarellable colored pencil in sturdy tin box.


Columbia Coloursketch Pencil

The Colour Sketch pencil range is designed with a non crumling lead that is smooth and easy to sharpen. The Colour Sketch pencils are ideal for drawing, writing and sketching.


TEXTA Jumbo Coloured Pencils

Jumbo coloured pencils with hexagonal shaped barrels for easy use by small hands.


TEXTA Regular Coloured Pencils

TEXTA Coloured Pencils are made from high quality materials, which are very strong to prevent breakage.


TEXTA Triangular Coloured Pencils

TEXTA Triangular Pencils have an oversized triangular shape for easy use in small hands.