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A range of ergonomic stamps with a modern design, which are great value for money and exceptional ink quality/crispness.

DIY Stamps

DIY Stamping Kits are self inking stamps but with the added advantage in that you can create your own text! No external stamp pad needed.


Merit Stamps

Merit Stamps are ideal for encouraging and rewarding children. They are great for school work, home work, play and good behaviour.


Pre-Inked Office Stamps

These office stamps are ideal for all your mailing, faxing, copying, emailing, data entry etc needs that come up in any office environment. These stamps are ergonomic and easy to use.


Pre-Inked Stamp Refill Inks

These refill inks are designed to be used with the Deskmate Pre-Inked Office and Merit Stamps. Allow you to re-ink your stamp to give you thousands of more impressions.


Rubber Stamps

These rubber stamps are a more traditional stamp and designed to be used with a stamp pad. Ideal for any office environment.


Self Inking Stamps

Self inking stamps are ideal because no external stamp pads are required. All you need is one stamp. There are several titles to choose from to enhance your working environment.


Stamp Pads & Refill Inks

These stamp pads are designed to be used in conjunction with rubber stamps. No matter what sort of rubber stamp you have, you can use a Deskmate stamp pad.


Recycled Stamps

These stamps are manufactured using over 55% recycled material. Be kind to the environment with Deskmate.


Automatic Number Stamp

This nifty stamp is ideal for consecutive numbering needs. It can also be adjusted to other numbering settings.