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Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Pads

Galeria Acrylic Paper is popular with acrylic painters for its texture and drag. As acrylics are not prone to sinking like oils, a wider variety of results can be more easily achieved on paper.

Galeria Paper reflects high quality acrylic products at a uniform affordable price. It is a canvas textured paper developed specifically by Winsor & Newton for painting in acrylics.

Galeria Acrylic Pads are also popular for sketching or outdoor work.

Each pad contains 15 sheets with a paper weight of 300gsm.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0210700 7 x 5 inch (175 x 125mm)
0094376880885 9 127 178 140
EDP: 0210710 10 x 7 inch (255 x 175mm)
0094376880892 9 254 178 276
EDP: 0210730 16 x 12 inch (405 x 305mm)
0094376880915 9 406 305 740
Product UOM
7 x 5 inch (175 x 125mm)
EDP: 0210700
10 x 7 inch (255 x 175mm)
EDP: 0210710
16 x 12 inch (405 x 305mm)
EDP: 0210730

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