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Varnish aerosols for protecting art and craft work from dust and moisture.

Winsor & Newton All Purpose Varnish (Aerosol)

A clear varnish which provides permanent protection of craftwork from dust and moisture. Ideal for a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, paper and modelling materials.


Winsor & Newton Artists' Picture Varnish (Aerosol)

A final varnish which provides a non-yellowing, durable, permanent protection in an aerosol format with gloss, satin or matt finishing.


Winsor & Newton Dammar Gloss Varnish (Aerosol)

A traditional general varnish with a high gloss finish for the protection of oil, alkyd and acrylic paintings.


Winsor & Newton Retouching Varnish (Aerosol)

A non-yellowing temporary varnish for the protection of recently finished oil, alkyd and acrylic paintings.