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A selection of sets to suit sketching or drawing needs. Perfect for beginners or artists' looking for a convenient travel set.

Jasart Sketch & Write Sets

Assorted sketching sets for Artists and thinkers! Quality product with storage options for safe keeping during use.


Conte Carre Crayons Sets

Conte Crayons offer rich vivid colours that mix together nicely and can produce a range of effects.


Jasart Wallet Sets

Artists' materials and accessories in a handy zip wallet.


Conte Pastel Pencils Sets

The Conte Pastel Pencils range is excellent for toning. Rich in pigment, they are available in 49 colours. Larger than most other pastel pencil, they have a very fine, smooth lead.


Conte Sketch Pencil Sets

Conte Sketching Charcoal Pencils are a part of the popular and versatile Conte Sketching Pencils range, providing rich hues with line and shade possibilities to cover all sketching requirements.


Raffine Sketching Sets

Made from high quality materials and beautifully finished, the Raffine sketching sets are the perfect gift or starter set for any artist.


Reeves Sketching Pencil Sets

Reeves Sketching Pencils are ideal for artistic drawing and sketching, due to their high quality graphite lead. The wide range of lead softness provides you with a huge array of different shading effects and techniques.


STABILO CarbOthello Pencils Sets

CarbOthellos pencils are an outstanding quality soft coloured charcoal pencil which offers rich intense colour.