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Winsor & Newton Cartridge Pads (Gummed)

Available in a range of "A" sizes, these Spiral Cartridge Pads are suitable for a variety of drawing and sketching applications with various media from pencils through to oil pastels and inks.

Medium Surface Cartridge Pads (Spiral bound 96gsm) features a landscape format pads containing lightweight field sketch grade paper. The pads each contain 50 sheets.

Medium Surface Cartridge Pads (Spiral bound 150gsm) feature 25 sheets of 150gsm paper. These Medium Surface Cartridge Pads feature an attractive, textural grained surface - ideal for pencil, coloured pencil, pastels, oil pastel and charcoal.

Smooth Surface Cartridge Pads (Spiral Bound 150 gsm) are supplied with spiral binding and contain 25 sheets. The paper is ideal for pen, ink, calligraphy, technical pen, pencil and coloured pencil techniques.

Retail Specifications

Barcode Length
EDP: 0214720 M/G 96G A6
094376894851 156 106 9 103
EDP: 0214730 M/G 96G A5
094376894868 221 149 10 206
EDP: 0214740 M/G 96G A4
094376894875 305 212 10 423
EDP: 0214750 M/G 96G A3
094376894882 428 298 10 836
EDP: 0214810 M/G 150G A5
094376894943 149 210 11 160
EDP: 0214820 M/G 150G A4
094376894950 297 210 11 340
EDP: 0214930 S/G 150G A6
094376894769 106 165 8 87
EDP: 0214940 S/G 150G A5
094376894776 149 210 11 170
EDP: 0214950 S/G 150G A4
094376894783 212 304 16 693
EDP: 0214960 S/G 150G A3
094376894790 298 425 7 700
Product UOM
M/G 96G A6
EDP: 0214720
M/G 96G A5
EDP: 0214730
M/G 96G A4
EDP: 0214740
M/G 96G A3
EDP: 0214750
M/G 150G A5
EDP: 0214810
M/G 150G A4
EDP: 0214820
S/G 150G A6
EDP: 0214930
S/G 150G A5
EDP: 0214940
S/G 150G A4
EDP: 0214950
S/G 150G A3
EDP: 0214960

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