How To Draw Kawaii Creatures in Simple Steps

How To Draw Kawaii Creatures in Simple Steps

ISBN 9781800921221
Publisher Search Press
Format BC Paperback
Dimensions 216mm x 292mm
Page Extent 32
Pub Date September 2022


Learn to draw 28 adorable kawaii creatures using this simple step-by-step book. 

Kawaii artist Aria Wei teaches you to transform simple shapes into characterful kawaii animals, including a cat, bunny, hamster, owl and duck, plus several fantasy creatures, including a unicorn, dragon and phoenix.

There are 28 different kawaii companions to create, in a variety of characterful poses. Each project starts with a few basic outlines and progresses into a finished drawing; a final coloured version shows you how to develop your artwork even further. Perfect for beginners, as well as budding artists, you’ll be amazed how easily you too can create a world of kawaii creatures with this inspiring guide.

About the Author

Aria Wei is a digital illustrator and kawaii artist, working under the Instagram handle @riacchie, where she posts her playful, whimsical creatures. She is based in Baltimore, US.

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