How To Draw Manga Heroes in Simple Steps

How To Draw Manga Heroes in Simple Steps

ISBN 9781800921160
Publisher Search Press
Format BC Paperback
Dimensions 216mm x 292mm
Page Extent 32
Pub Date December 2022


Learn to draw 28 dynamic manga heroes and villains using this simple step-by-step book. 

Manga artist Yishan Li teaches you to transform simple shapes into a characterful range of 20 valiant heroes and eight despicable villains.

Each project starts with a few basic outlines and progresses into a finished drawing in eight easy steps; a final coloured version shows you how to develop your artwork even further. Perfect for beginners, as well as budding manga artists, you’ll be amazed how easily you too can create your own team of manga heroes with this inspiring guide.

About the Author

Yishan Li is a professional Manga artist who lives in Shanghai. Yishan has been drawing Manga since 1998 when she was in high school and she has subsequently been published internationally including China, North America, France and the UK. Visit her website

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