Manga Now

Manga Now

ISBN 9781782210788
Publisher Search Press
Format BC Paperback
Dimensions 160mm x 210mm
Page Extent 288
Pub Date June 2014

Written by high-profile manga artist Keith Sparrow, this comprehensive guide to drawing action manga will help readers to stop dreaming and start drawing! With easy-to-follow instruction and inspiring images, this book contains key manga basics followed by 20 action-packed step-by-step pin-ups.

Written and illustrated by manga artist Keith Sparrow, this comprehensive and inspiring guide starts with an introduction to manga basics, showing you how to create the ideal workspace, how to overcome fear of a blank page, and how to draw all the elements you’ll need, from hands and eyes to perspective and light and shade. The book then guides you step by step through 20 exciting, action-packed pin-ups allowing you to explore a range of poses, characters and perspectives. Follow the step by steps and the basic techniques to build up your confidence and before you know it you’ll be creating your own action drawings and characters!

  • An extensive teaching manual from a high-profile author
  • 20 exciting, action-packed step-by-step manga pin-ups

About the Author
Keith Sparrow is a comic enthusiast and a prolific artist, with a lifelong interest in anime and manga. He has written a number of books including Mega Manga, and illustrated several educational books for children, for the BBC and Channel 4. Keith has created many storyboards, including one for the animation film Space Jam. He prefers to draw and ink in by hand, but he colours the work on his computer. Contributor residence: Cornwall, UK

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