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Specialty Markers

#Colour Dual Tip Marker Sets

Alcohol-based ink markers with dual tips (Brush and Chisel) for illustration work and colouring.
4 sets of 6 markers available.


Artline Supreme Brush Marker

Flexible brush tip for fine to wide lines in pastel colours.


Artline 780 Garden Marker 0.8mm

Suitable for all types of permanent marking, the alcohol based ink in the Artline 780 is water resistant, making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. The fine nib makes it suitable for marking plastic plant containers, labels/tags, metal, glass, wood etc.


Artline 770 Freezer Bag Marker 1mm

The Artline 770 cuts through greasy surfaces for clear marking and is suitable for use on all plastic surfaces, especially frozen food packages.


Artline 19 Industrial Marker 2-5mm

Ideal for all types of permanent marking, from porous surfaces such as cardboard and wood, to non-porous surfaces such as steel and glass. The ink in industrial markers contains Xylene ideal for use on greasy surfaces.