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Water Mixable Oil Colour

A range of mediums including Artisan linseed oil, impasto oil and Winsor & Newton Artisan varnish, specially created for use with water mixable oil colour.

Winsor & Newton Artisan Varnish Remover

All three Artisan varnishes can be removed with the Artisan Varnish Remover.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Thinner

The Artisan Thinner thins Artisan Water Mixable colour and provides a more oily consistency with less colour change than there would be when using water.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Fast Drying Oil Medium

A non-yellowing medium that improves the flow and speeds the drying of Artisan oil colours, smooths brushwork and increases gloss and transparency.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Impasto Oil Medium

A pigment free, heavy bodied medium for use with Artisan oil colours to create oil painting brush strokes, particularly where heavy built up areas of colour isrequired.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Linseed Oil

Water Mixable Linseed Oil reduces consistency and improves the flow of Artisan Oil Paint whilst also increasing gloss and transparency.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Oil Painting Medium

A slow drying medium that thins the consistency of Artisan Oil Paints and aids fine detail work, while improving the flow and wetting of the colour.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Safflower Oil

A slow drying oil which improves the flow and increases gloss and transparency.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Stand Oil

A slow drying type of linseed oil that produces a paler, more flexible film with excellent levelling properties making it perfect as a glazing medium.


Winsor & Newton Artisan Varnish

A non-yellowing, water based varnish which provides protection for paintings achieved with Artisan Colour that is removable with Artisan Varnish Remover. Available in gloss, matt and satin finishes.