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The Derwent Inspiration

For over 180 years, the Lake District has inspired Derwent to create unique and world class products. The dynamic
landscape of rolling fells and towering peaks has provided the backdrop for generations of artists, writers and
poets from Thomas Gray to Coleridge and Wordsworth, Ruskin and Hemmingway.

The Derwent Heritage

The discovery of graphite in the Borrowdale Valley and the birth of pencil making in Keswick are a heritage
of which Derwent is rightly proud. The Cumberland Pencil Company created its first pencil in 1832 and the first
Derwent fine art colour pencil was introduced in 1938. The Derwent Pencil Museum still stands on the site of the original
factory in Keswick. Derwent continues to evolve and improve not only its traditional pencils but also to introduce
new innovative products to enhance all its customers’ experience and artistic opportunities.


Derwent has reduced their energy consumption, recycle their sawdust and uses sustainable resources wherever
possible. They have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for their unique solvent-free paint application
system which has greatly improved the air quality. The business is also ISO 9001 accredited.

The Derwent Mission

Derwent aims to be the world’s leading manufacturer of quality art materials, caring for customers and
the environment. Derwent designs products to Inspire, Create and Enjoy.

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Derwent Accessories

A variety of Derwent accessories to enhance techniques and support colour pencils and graphite art works.


Derwent Artists Pencils

You'll be spoiled for choice with Derwent Artists Pencils. There are 120 colours in the range and they are ideal for layering and blending so you can create an infinite spectrum of subtly different hues and tints.


Derwent Blenders & Burnishers

Blending tools for blending colours and producing a polished finish to colour pencil drawings.


Derwent Charcoal Pencils

Traditional charcoal for art encased in wood to work like a pencil but still keep all the traditional charcoal effects.


Derwent Coloursoft Pencils

The softest pencil in the Derwent range to bring out the colour richness in quick easy strokes.


Derwent Drawing Pencils

The colour palette of Derwent Drawing pencils takes you right back to nature. These coloured pencils are rich. The soft texture and the extra wide colour strip will be a big help when trying to build up dense fur or feathers in drawings of animals.


Derwent Erasers

A Derwent eraser for every artist. A range of highly effective erasers developed specifically for artists. Each eraser will suit a different way of working, yet all offer impressive smudge
free erasing.


Derwent Graphic Pencils

mooth, finely textured graphite strip for professional application, made from the finest quality graphite and purest clays.


Derwent Graphik Line Maker

Weave the most intricate designs with the these fine liners filled with lightfast water based inks.


Derwent Graphitint Pencils

Graphite & colour in one pencil. Add water to Derwent Graphitint and it explodes into colour! Get an element of graphite ‘blackness’ to your drawings with just a hint of colour. 2 great effects in one pencil!


Derwent Inktense Blocks

All the brilliance of the Inktense pencils but in a chunky block making it easy to cover large areas really quickly.


Derwent Inktense Paint Pans

12 Inktense paint pans presented in a portable travel box with a mini waterbrush, a brush and 5 mixing palettes.